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Movie Money

Studio executives carefully examine how a film performs on its opening weekend in
order to determine whether-and how-to invest more in that film, Many decisions,
such as increasing the number of screens that show the film’ andexpanding
the marketing campaign, are best made after reactions can be gathered from audiences
who actually purchased tickets. Therefore, to maximize returns on their marketing
investments, studios should initially release all their films on a small ,number
of screens and with a limited advertising campaign.

The plan to maximize returns by initially releasing films on only a small number of
screens and limiting advertising depends upon which of the following assumptions?

(A) Large marketing investments made before the opening weekend never eventually
yield greater profits than small initial marketing investments.

(B) New advertising techniques, such as Web-based viral marketing, have not substantially
reduced the average marketing costs for films.

(C) A film’s prior performance in noncommercial settings, such as festivals, is not
well correlated with how the general public tends to react to that film.

(D) Across the movie industry, marketing investments do not influence the eventual
financial returns of films in predictable ways.

(E) How a film performs during its opening weekend is a strong indicator of the
film’s financial performance over its lifetime.

Can someone please explain why answer choice (A) is correct even when the extreme word ‘never’ is used ?

Top MBA Colleges in India

MBA degree is commonly known as Management courses and a post graduate diploma in finance (PGDF/PGDFM) are often confused to be one and the same courses but they are almost completely different in their course curriculum, duration, teaching objectives and goals.I also found one tool that help to all whos intrested to complete MBA course in India.

Re: Questions on Comparisons-Problem set page 133

Manhattan GMAT Non-CAT Verbal

Replies : Post subject : Re: Questions on Comparisons-Problem set page 133

On the same page, ( Manhattan SC 5th ed, page 133)

Question 10 and 11 have 2 correct version:
The clothes looked more appealing inside the store than (they did) on the racks outside.

The clothes inside the …

more …

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End of GMAT journey??

I am puneeth from India working in a bank as a test engineer. I have a work ex of 37 months. This prompted me to get a mba.
I have attempted GMAT thrice and failed miserably.
1. 510 ( q45 v17)
2. 450
3. 550 ( q 47 v 20)

I put in a lot of effort for the third attempt but the efforts failed. So I cancelled my score. My aim was 680. During practice I could apply whatever I learnt especially for sc. But during GMAT I blew it , I am clueless on what to do now.

Is it time to call of my pursuit of GMAT ??

Awaiting valuable suggestions!!

B School Chances

Hello all,

I have found this website/forum to be a great resource and thank everyone for their help/advice.

I would really appreciate it if you all could evaluate my profile for the schools posted below.


Age-24, Indian American Male

Job: Technology Analyst (2 Years WE, will be 3 by time of matriculation.)
Company: Financial Services Software Organization-We provide a variety of software solutions to effectively manage and determine the best business decision for companies. In this role, I’ve helped in the deployment of software products for our clients. This has been 50% a "regular" Consultant and 50% a Technical Analyst.

Undergrad: Top 10 Public School (UCLA, UCB, UVA, UNC)

Major: Chemistry
GPA: 2.7 (Really floundered for a while in college. Took advantage of "non-academic" options in college. + Notoriously hard pre-med major in my school.)
ECs: Board of Religious Organization, Part of Non profit Organization, Various Internships

GMAT: 640-660 on GMATPrep practice tests, could get to 680-700 by the time I take it during this month.


Short Term-Consulting
Long Term-Consumer Goods/Operations


Reach: Duke, UNC, CMU
Second Tier: Vanderbilt, Maryland, Georgetown, Notre Dame
"Safety": Wisconsin, BU, Wake Forest, Pitt

Thanks for your help all!

Time/Task/Life Management in Business School


I am a new MBA student in my first semester. I am loving my experience so far and am very grateful to be pursuing this path. However, I feel a bit overwhelmed as far as keeping up w/ assignments, projects, personal tasks, networking activities, club activities and social activities.

I am curious to hear how other MBA students keep up with everything and make sure they do things on time.

Any creative tips, anecdotes or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.