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Profile Eval – Non Traditional

I am looking for some guidance on where I might be a competitive applicant. Many thanks for your help in advance.

English M 29
GMAT – 740 (49 / 41)
Undergrad – BA Economics SEC School – GPA 2.3 (Multi Fs)

Work Experience : (2 promotions in 3.5 years / 1 individual award)
– 18 months as an associate in Ops at an Asset Manager
– 1 year as an Assistant Vice President in Internal Strategy at a Bulge Bracket IB
– 1 year as a Vice President Global Product Manager in Analytics at the same BB IVB

2 years of professional rugby in Europe before university
During college: club rugby team, VP & Treasurer for rugby team. Worked 30hrs/wk for a family business (defense contractor)
Post college: local youth rugby team coach, Arts & Culture Network board member (work organization)

GPA Mitigation: No drama, simply didnt realize the value of education at that point in my life and focused too much on rugby, work and other ECs. I am the first in my family to graduate from high school and simply wasn’t prepared for college. I have an alternate transcript of 4 courses of a quantative nature all with As.

Need feedback on the current profile and how could I improve

Hello Aspirants,

I would request you to please evaluate my profile and what all things need to be added over the profile and what all things I have in profile that could actually provide me an edge over other for top business schools in India and abroad.

Academics :
10th Class : 85.40%
12th Class : 87.20% (Top 5 in school)
B.Tech(ECE) : 6.8 (74%) on a scale of 10 (CGPA) : Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida

Professional Experience:
Total Experience: 37 months
Domain: Retail, Supply Chain and Logistics, Banking
Technical Skills: B2B, Middleware like EDI, Fusion, JCAPS
Organizations: HCL, Infosys

College: 1. 2-but binary multiplier using 0.35um technology (VLSI)
2. Telemetered health monitoring System (Microcontrollers)
3. Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (VHDL)

Workplace: 1. African Banking Client : 3-4 months : Datastage Tool (BI Tool) (Infosys)
2. US Retail Client :18 months : B2B, EDI, Fusion and other middleware (Infosys)
3. US Logistics Client: 4 months till date : EDI (HCL)

College: 1. Ceritification in C and Robotics (by IIT Guwahati)
2. Certification in VHDL and Image Processing (IEEE – Students Chapter)

Work Place: 1. IBM Certified Solution Implementer – Sterling Integrator v5.2 (Offered by IBM)
2. Retail Banking – Basic Functional (Internal – Infosys)
3. Cross Cultural Sensitivity – Business Language Certification (Infosys – Internal)
4. Finacle – Universal Banking Solution – Functional

Infosys: Foundation Training at Infosys, Mysore (5 months – residential)

College: Railtel Corporation Of India Limited, Kolkata (Optical Fibre Cable Communication and SDH Equipments)

1. Kali Das Samman : Avantika International Essay Competition (2003)
2. Certification of Bronze Medal : Avantika International Talent Search Essay Competition (2003)
3. Silver Merit Certificate: 2nd National Cyber Olympiad
4. All India Rank 314 : Global English Language Test (IFSE)

Extra-Curricular Activities:
1. Student Coordinator : Jaypee Alumni Association : 2009-2010
2. Selected as Change Agent for Rural Immersion Program in 2012 by Youth Alliance of India – A 9-day residential program
3. Selected as core team member for WETOO Newsletter : African Bank Client at Infosys Hyderabad to channelize the global communication across large team.
4. Creative content team – Infy Model School – acquired by Infosys Mamata Trust
5. Selected as Research Coordinator by Teach for India – Study in collaboration with Columbia University
6. Delegate at Relead Conference at IIM Bangalore – organized by Blue Ribbon Movement – 7 days residential program based on entrepreneurship and management.
7. Core member and volunteer at Infosys Hyderabad CSR group
8. Member of Mentorship program at Infy Model School by Infosys Hyderabad, part of designing and brainstroming the content on mentorship.
9. Memebr of Voice of Youth at Infosys Hyderabad – A connecting body between employees and Infosys management.
10. Member of Champions of Change Initiative to work with Infosys Management across all development centers at the unit level.
11. Regular Blood donor at schools, colleges and work places.

1. Selected for prestigious Teach for India Fellowship for 2-years but didn’t pursue.
2. Selected as delegate for International Youth Leadership Conference, Prague but didn’t attended
3. Selected as delegate for Intenrational Youth Environment Meet, Bangladesh but didn’t attended
4. Selected as delegate for International Youth Forum, Malaysia but didn’t attended
5. Selected as International Coordinator By Green Youth Generation, Youtharia Season III

Well, this is my profile. I am currently attending another Entreprenurship event – Narmada Prerna Yatra which is about spending 4 days in Gujarat and meet some local role models, and in future looking forward to attend Jagriti Yatra organized by Tata Group and others.

Now, I seek you advise on the folloowing fronts –
1. What are my chances to pursue graduation in top 10 B-schools in world?
2. Do I need to mention those ECA that I put in OTHERS section above – willit leave a negative impact – I was not able to attend those because of sponsorships and limiting holidays I have while working full time?
3. Will my academics become a problem for me given I didn’t attain 7/10 GPA in my under-grad?
4. Also, for the college projects I mentioned ahead – I did not have very good grades on my transcript,will that be a negative point?
5. Moreover, some business courses I pursue over in my under-grad in engineering course,also doesn’t reflects good grades too, will that effect the admissions as well?
6. What score should I target for in GMAT which I am planning to attempt in October 2014 end? Please define the range. And the coreespondings permutations and combinations as well for different scores.
7. What all extra should I pursue to cancel out the negativity in my profile.

Looking for genuine advice !! Please help

Shalabh Agarwal

MS Finance in US Ranking?

Hey Guys,

I am from India, currently pursuing my under-graduation in Business Administration(Finance Specialization) from one of the top universities in India. I am planning for MS Finance from USA beginning in 2015.
I have not been able to find a compiled ranking for MS Finance for US programs. Can someone help me with that?

Also I have 15 years of education(12+3). Will that be a problem while applying to US?

GPA: 3.1, will be between 3.2-3.3 by graduation
GMAT:Think I should be able to score between 700-720.
Extracurricular: Strong leadership presence on campus
Internships: 2 summer internships of 8 weeks each and currently doing a part-time job in a FMCG company(Finance Department)

Which are the universities that i should target?
any feedback would be greatly appreciated.