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The Official Guide for GMAT Review

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Re: NutMeg Trade

Manhattan GMAT CAT Verbal

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Commonplace items sometimes play surprising roles in world development. For example, though most people today associate nutmeg with simple baked goods, this common spice once altered the course of political history. For centuries, the nutmeg tree grew only in the Banda Islands, …

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Re: prep sc question

GMAT Prep Verbal

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further clarification for the previous post:

I actually had difficulty in picking the parts that are supposed to be parallel for comparison problems specifically, since I think parallels in the normal paralleled structures, i.e. with marker such as "AND", "BOTH…AND…" , …

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Evaluate score

Hello all,

i have recently scored a 590 on gmat with 47/51 quant and 25/51 in verbal…i have an overall 3/4 degree score and i am a Greek…I have worked for 2 years in local firms.People keep saying me i have got a very good quant score and that i can apply in to 15 universities in USAfor finance(postgraduate).I think Brandeis and boston would be a good choice but can i apply to a better schooll?Do i have any chance?Any other proposals?

thank you all!